Building From A Base That’s Not Level?

Uneven Foundation

Foundation Not Level

Correct The Foundation Level

Correct The Foundation Level


  • Lock in the profile at the lowest point of the foundation, with a height notch set at the standard correct height (225mm For standard UK Block)
  • Set up the far end, use a water or laser level to align the notches between the 2 profiles so they’re in horizontal alignment. (Note; the 1st notch is set at 50mm on one end of the profile and 25mm on the other end, this allows for greater flexibility when setting up and facilitates getting perfect levels. The notches are 75mm apart (between) thereafter.
  • Attach the string line &  correct the irregularity by cutting the initial course of blocks.
Marshall bricklaying profiles

Marshall Profiles – Build Walls

Marshall bricklaying profiles

Marshall Profiles = Perfect Build

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Should I Support The Profiles When Pulling High Up?

It’s recommended to use the slider as a support when pulling high up, spares can be purchased but also remember the String Line can be tied off independently of the slider using our new Plastic Line Tie Off’s. This allows the slider to be used solely as a corner supporting instrument – support to the profile when pulling high up.

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How Long To Deliver My Order?

We aim to deliver all UK & Ireland orders within 2 working days from time of purchase (Up To 4PM Ea. Day), Western Europe 3 working days. Other Countries may vary but all orders are dispatched on a timely manner and delivered via traceable courier service. We work from our warehouses in Shannon, IRE & Clacton On Sea in the UK.


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