I retired from industry, didn’t like fishing or golf so became a Self Builder of our 3 bedroom retirement bungalow in Dorset doing a majority of the build myself. The project was started mid 2014 and to date is up to DPC and although slow by standards all is going well. As part of the plan I looked into Brick Profiles and choose Noel Marshall products. Having erected a 4 x corner Profiles and laid some initial brick courses using these I can say I am impressed with the product. Once fitted they are sturdy so will not easily move over the coming months that it will take me to brick up to roof plate. The string sliders work well and allow flexibility for any re-align of any course that I required. These are the initial 4 profiles and as these proved successful I purchased another 4 profiles to enable me to complete the entire bungalow outline.
Graham Huggett, Self Builder Dorset